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Steven has been a student of the life and health insurance industry for many years. His knowledge and experience translate into the ability to help clients to better understand how their policies work and to create effective insurance solutions. He is adept at assisting clients in identifying reasonable insurance goals and in meeting them too.

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Steven has been involved with insurance selling for more than 40 years.  His work has always been predicated on giving the right advice and being the kind of person who is responsive and timely in assisting clients. His expertise includes specific insurance industry product knowledge as well as an understanding of pertinent principles and practices and legislation.

Steven’s clients include successful professionals, business owners and corporate employers who appreciate his transparent and knowledgeable approach to helping them to make good decisions regarding insurance planning matters. Steven has many clients that he has worked with consistently over a period of many years. Steven believes that arriving at a good decision is usually a collaborative event. Good communication is an important ingredient to a successful result.

Steven’s knowledge and expertise about both employee benefits and individual insurance plans makes him uniquely well qualified to help clients to understand their overall situation and to identify the most valuable planning strategies that allow for best planning practices.

As an insurance broker Steven represents many highly recognized and highly regarded insurance companies. As such he represents the client and not the insurance company.

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