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Health Insurance Under Age 65:

In our culture, health insurance benefits often times are provided by and subsidized by one's employer. If available, employer-sponsored plans are usually the best choice because the cost is partially paid as an employee benefit and the choice of plans and PPO networks is usually more inclusive with group plans as compared to a policy one may purchase as an individual. If an individual policy is indicated for you there are many choices available. The policies have evolved to be made available during the annual open enrollment period in such a way that no eligible person will be denied coverage and that per-existing conditions will be covered. This is in contrast to the time before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) when the insurance companies would underwrite each individual application and would deny many individuals based on personal health history or offer coverage with excluded conditions. In these respects, the individual health policy is much improved today. The monthly premium cost is based on age and tobacco use. Depending on one's income and family size it is a possibility that one can qualify for significant assistance with the cost by applying through

ACA policies are the most comprehensive because you cannot be denied coverage if you enroll on a timely basis and there are no exclusions for any
pre-existing conditions. Further, both preventive care and routine maternity benefits are covered.

There is another category of individual health policies that is less expensive. These policies are underwritten based on health history (not allowed by ACA) and do not cover pre-existing conditions. Some people may prefer these policies if they have a minimal amount of existing health problems and they prefer the lower cost. These policies have been considered as temporary policies appropriate for someone between jobs. These temporary policies would cover medical care needed due to a new diagnosis or an accident.

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